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Barbara Kołodziejczak, Magdalena Roszak, Anna Ren-Kurc, Wojciech Kowalewski, Andrzej Bręborowicz

Abstract: A learning group is a concept which is commonly known and used in education. This article presents the issue of managing learning groups on e-learning portals. The authors point to similarities and differences in realization of the group concept in traditional and distance education. They present the technical options offered by LCMS portals for creating and managing groups, together with an overview of tools available to members of a distant group. They indicate the availability of work environment creation function in a D-learning portal for small project groups, with a separate set of group work tools. Knowledge in the field presented in the article can be used as selection criteria for choosing a functional portal for an education unit.

Keywords: education group, project group, management of groups, distance education, wiki, e-learning portal, LCMS


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