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Sorokina Lyudmyla, Karimov Іvan, Karimov Gennadiy, Zayarna Iryna

Abstract: For the high quality transition of professionally meaningful knowledge and abilities, which are necessary for effective professional activity of future sociologists it is necessary to work out a complex of events, from the determination of professional competences and their constituents to the development of educational and methodical support of particular disciplines. The aim of this investigation is the determination of the ICT competences of students and the forming of basic approaches for their provision. Modern packages of software products are analyzed, specially worked out both for sociological information processing (WASP, SPSS) and for general-purpose tasks (Microsoft EXCEL, ACCESS, Power Point). The questionnaire of students of Sociology was conducted with the aim to determine the degree of evolution of abilities of using ICT facilities. On the basis of analysis of qualifying requirements to the sociologists, the information-communication competences were determined. The basic approaches to the organization of educational process in higher educational establishment were formed. All of this in totality provides to the future sociologists the ability to apply modern facilities of information and computer technologies to the solution of typical professional tasks comprehensively.
Keywords: ICTs, ICT-competence, higher educational establishment, students of Sociology, e-environment of the university

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