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Nataliia Morze, Rusudan Makhachashvili, Oleksyi Zhyltsov (Ukraine)
Abstract: The article describes some results of implementation of WorkPackage 4 (WP4) “Selection and testing new IT tools” in the framework of international research network IRNet and researchers from partner institution from Ukraine, Poland, other countries. These results concern analyzing and studying some category of ICT-tools for Research their assessment. The first part of the article includes the theoretical aspects of research as an activity: Research: activity profile, analysis of challenges of research collaboration, research collaboration quality requirement, forms of research collaboration and other items.
The second part of the paper described some research conducted in the framework of Module 008 WP4 and includes: Research ICT tools typology according to education activities, Mixed features of Research collaboration Tools, Efficiency trend for top rated Research collaboration ICT tools. Model 1, Sample expert card, Sample tool expert rating, Final expert ranking of Research collaboration tools (all package period which has been divided on several main stages 1-5). The final part of the manuscript contains some conclusions and comment.
Keywords: research, innovation, research collaboration work, education, ICT tools, assessment, e-learning.

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